We build modern websites

The main advantage of websites built by us is their responsiveness. This means that the website automatically adapts to any device and screen – regardless of whether it is a screen of a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Especially today, it is extremely important, because over 40% of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. By ordering your website in our Studio, you can be sure that it will look perfect on every screen!

Websites - WordPress CMS

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. It is perfect for creating professional websites of small companies as well as powerful enterprises or institutions. WordPress stands out above all with its unique functionality and the availability of a great number of plugins or modules. An important advantage of this system is extremely safe, efficient and comfortable operation. You can also easily expand existing website at any time with new subpages or functions as well as integrating it with social media accounts.

We choose the most accurate domain names for our clients

We offer a wide range of domains – individual names under which your business website will exist in the Internet. Our offer includes domestic, international, regional and stricte business domains. Therefore, you will always reach the optimal solution for your company.
Diversified packages for clients, specialized services and many years of experience – we offer everything that your website must have to function perfectly on the web!

We support websites and WordPress internet stores

Are you looking for help with updating your website? Do you want to secure your data properly? Or maybe you need to modernize your portal? Save your time and entrust us with the professional administration of your website. Creating a website is really just the first step. Each site requires regular updates: making changes to the price list, updating news or e.i. List of company products or services. A lot of people makes very common mistake leaving the the website with no care, what generally causes a significant drop in its popularity on the Web. The best solution to avoid this is to employ us to help you with the ongoing website administration, when you for various reasons can not deal with this issue yourselve.

Services that are offered by us in the field of website administration and support:

  • Daily backups
  • Website permanent antivirus protection
  • Update of CMS and installed plugins
  • Content update
  • Expanding websites with new sections, galleries or subpages,
  • Content update and preparation of graphic elements (buttons, banners, etc.),

We create online stores

Our programming offer is adapted to the current market needs. We offer you one of the most popular Internet sale plugins in CMS WordPress, which is the WooCommerce store. The main advantage of this store plug-in is its full functionality consisting in the possibility of its perfect integration with both the run WordPress website and the content management system used. This plug-in is a great working tool for companies conducting advanced marketing campaigns on the web. Extremely important advantages of the store built based on the WooCommerce plugin is not only comfort and a guarantee of shopping convenience but, above all, shopping safety. An additional advantage of solutions based on this system is ease of use in combination with low price. This system is mainly recommended for novice online sellers, who are just starting their adventure with WooCommerce. It’s extremely easy to operate. An undoubted advantage is also the speed of the system.

We provide professional hosting

Do you really want to promote your business online? 1209 will offer you not only the most accurate domain name, tailored to the specificity of your company, but also a modern and a very efficient location for the website on our server. Reliable web hosting is the absolute foundation for functioning on the Internet. Therefore, to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, we have prepared an offer that allows you to choose the optimal solution to maintain your website on the web. We offer several diversified web hosting packages to individuals and companies so that everyone can choose exactly what is needed. Our offer is perfectly matched, ensures maintenance of the website, support for your e-mail accounts, as well as launching an application, e.g. an online store. The service we offer provides space on servers equipped with fast SSD (Solid State Drive). Compared to hard disks, SSDs are characterized by much faster reading and writing data, greater resistance to mechanical damage and lower risk of failure caused by, for example, extreme temperatures. Our servers are located in the best DATA-CENTER in Poland and Germany. They are fast, stable and modern. We guarantee you a high SLA – 99.9%.

We offer SSL certificates

SSL certificates are a very important tool that provides protection for websites, as well as a guarantee of confidentiality of data electronic transfer. Full security is being reached by using encryption of communication between computers. SSL certificates are registered to a specific domain name, contain information about the domain owner, its address, etc. These data are protected by cryptography.

We design printed materials

We have extensive experience in the field of DTP, i.e. preparing all possible kinds of publications for printing. Together with building your website, with pleasure we will also design business cards, leaflets, catalogs, calendars, t-shirts and dozens of other advertising materials for you. We work with the best printers in the country to provide our clients with the highest print quality.

Our portfolio: